Good press!

VGWalkWayIt’s that sweet time of year when the Indian summer musters up a punishing heat by day, but the early mornings and evenings are cool and laced wtih hints of fall.   The nighttime canopy is loud with the singing of tree crickets,   and the other night during a full moon, and I saw two raccoons peering at me from the fork of a tree.   Yes, I’m talking about the Village Green, an urban oasis just south of the 10 freeway and west of La Brea.   Every now and then, our little community gets some good press, as happened just the other day when this terrific story about Village Green  appeared in the Sunday, Sept. 20 edition of the Los Angeles Times.   Check it out and learn more about the origins of this National Historic Landmark, which the architects apparently developed in the late 1930s with funds made available through President Roosevelt’s New Deal.   Good deal, FDR!   And appreciation to my friend and former newspaper colleague Veronique de Turenne, who wrote the article.


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