Spot Check L.A. (Friday photo puzzle #2)

L.A. Explored had a great first week, thanks to support from friends and colleagues and a generous write-up in L.A. Observed on Sept. 30 by uber-blogger Kevin Roderick.   The winner of last Friday’s photo puzzle is Harry Chandler, who correctly located the image as part of the brightly painted outside wall of  Loteria at the Farmer’s Market,  where it’s visible to anyone who lunches at the communal patio tables at the historic outdoor gathering spot (corner of 3rd and Fairfax).  A close runner-up is actor and comic Pete Handelman, who minutes after the post went up guessed “Loteria?”  But there are two locations of this gourmet taqueria in L.A., so Harry wins this time.   Specifics, people.  It’s all about location.  Thanks very much for playing, and here’s this week’s puzzle:

Ever noticed this?  If so, where in L.A. is it?

Ever noticed this? If so, where in L.A. is it?

To play, post your answer as a comment.  The most specific correct answer wins. 

Puzzle #1 Location Scout winner:  Harry Chandler.  Runner-up: Pete Handelman.



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2 responses to “Spot Check L.A. (Friday photo puzzle #2)

  1. Jeff

    The Brig, Venice

  2. darn, Jeff got there first, but yeah – it’s painted on the side of the building (on Abbot Kinney), overlooking the parking lot.

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