Spot Check L.A. (Friday photo puzzle #5)


Where in L.A. do you see this billboard?

Friday the 6th is here, and that means that next Friday is…..the 13th.  Watch out, people.  Based on the news, some dark states of mind are on a rampage out there. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a pill or powder to make us happy every day?  Whoever put up this billboard must’ve thought they had it bottled.  I don’t know anything about the story behind this billboard, but it exists, in all its lunatic, traffic-stopping glory, somewhere in L.A. between La Cienega and the sea (what some people call the Westside).  If you know where, post your answer in the comments section, and be as specific as you can.

And congratulations to Rob, who solved puzzle #4 in a flash:  He identified the beautiful blue babe as appearing on a mural located on the east side of La Brea Ave, on a gate next to 330 La Brea, to be exact.  Way to be specific, Rob!  And within 20 minutes of the puzzle going up!


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