Spot Check L.A. (Friday photo puzzle #6)


Where in Los Angeles do you see this mural?

So there I was at this historic L.A. landmark that was utterly overrun with visitors, from old to very young, on Wednesday, Nov. 11 — the middle of the week, but apparently a day off for many because of Veterans Day — when I looked up and saw this and thought — anybody who’s a true Angeleno ought to be able to place this mural, right?  Because it really is iconic and historic and it was recently restored as part of a $93 million overhaul of the — the — the answer to this puzzle, that’s what.   That dark round spot at the top of this photo may look like a flaw, but it’s a big hint if you’re trying to guess where this mural can be found.  So if you know where it is, please post your answer in the comments section, and be as specific as you can.   The winner gets his or her name posted next week, and all attendant bragging rights. 

No one guessed the location of the billboard in last week’s puzzle: I wasn’t surprised, because it’s on a tiny street called Washington Place, in Culver City right off Washington Boulevard, in the center of the well-traveled art gallery district.   While it may not be seen by many, you can’t forget it once you’ve seen it.  It’s so loony and retro, isn’t it?  I wish I knew the story behind it.






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2 responses to “Spot Check L.A. (Friday photo puzzle #6)

  1. david kipen

    Would that be the Griffith Observatory, perchance?

  2. julie

    Right above the pendulum at the observatory!

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