As a journalist and writer, I spend a lot of time holed up or living in my head.  When I get out, I like to explore and be active.  I live in southwest Los Angeles, just east of Culver City at the foot of the Baldwin Hills.  It’s surprisingly great over here.  From time to time I’ll post about this area, as well as the other places I get to.  You can live in Los Angeles for a long time, like I have, and still be constantly discovering it.  I get off on that so much.

This blog is a place for me to practice multi-media skills and photography, but I also write for traditional print media.  To see my print portfolio, please visit  www.amydawes.com.

Banner photo:  An infra red shot of the freeway over the Los Angeles River, by Dan Jones of Pasadena, courtesy of stock.xchang.  Thanks, Dan!


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks to Kevin I discovered your excellent website. I live in Ladera Heights, a neighborhood overlooked by most Angelenos.

    I publish LA Youth, the newspaper by and about teens, and http://www.layouth.com. Check us out.


  2. Veronica Hendrix

    Saw a piece about you on LA Observed. I live in Southwest LA too, just west of Crenshaw and I too am a journalist, I write a feature column for the Los Angeles Sentinel and other sites called Veronica’s View. And you are right, it is surprisingly great over here. I bought my home 5 years ago because it was what I could afford and it has turned out to be a great move. Also I am African American and over the past 5 years I’ve seen more diversity in this little swath of LA…its great. Perhaps we can continue to correspond.

    Continued success to you.

    Veronica Hendrix

  3. Vicki

    I love the Village Green area. Thanks for reminding me it’s there.

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